The Myrmex workflow takes each user, depending on his role, through a suggested path to fulfil his to-do list. The below solution gives an overview of the workflow taking place inside a data request for the data providing organisation. Should you need to understand how a request is handled between the various parties (requesting organisation, data providing organisation and optionally validating organisation), please refer to this other solution first : Workflow in Myrmex : General principles.

On the data providing organisation side, your first action should be to decide if you accept or cancel a received data request. You should do that by clicking on the corresponding buttons on the request row within the Pending tab :

Once a request has been accepted, it automatically moves from the Pending tab to the In progress tab. 

This is when you are expected to start answering to the request's questionnaires. In order to launch that process, you should first click on the green "Answer now" button located on the request row you wish to answer to :

This will take you to the first questionnaire you need to take care of, in most cases the organisation questionnaire (i.e. the page containing questions related to your organisation as a whole, rather than specific sites or products). 

Depending on the request, this first organisation survey will contain questions asking you to declare related sites and products, on which the requesting organisation needs you to provide additional information. Once these specific questions have been answered (by you or by someone from your organisation), Myrmex will automatically create dedicated sub-questionnaires related to these sites and products. You can see this in the right-hand sidebar :

The "Questions breakdown" table, as well as action buttons available for the current questionnaire, are shown under the perimeter you are currently working on (see "You are here" in the above screenshot). 

Once you are done with the organisation questionnaire (listed at the top of the right hand sidebar with your organisation's name), clicking on the green "Next" button will take you to the next questionnaire with unanswered questions (in the above example the "Far away" site). And so on, until you've reached the end of the sub-questionnaires chain.

NB : at anytime, you may click on the organisation, site or product names listed in green in the right-hand sidebar to go back or forward to that particular sub-questionnaire. If you do, make sure that everything is indeed properly filled in before moving on to the last step described below.

At the end of the last questionnaire, the "Next" button changes into a "Job Finished" button, thus letting you declare that you are done with the request and consider that you responded to everything that you could respond to:

This action has the same effect as clicking on the "Job finished" button in the workbasket, shown below :