In certain business circumstances, the (sole) Myrmex administrator of an organisation becomes unreachable (he may have left the organisation for instance). If your organisation is in that particular case, you most likely want to take back the control over the account i.e. over any previously encoded data and connections. The 3-step procedure you need to follow is described below.

  1. To identify your organisation as the (legal) entity owning the Myrmex organisation account, you need to fill in the word form attached below. This one-page form serves 4 purposes :
    1. Confirm that your organisation is the owner of the account.
    2. Confirm who the previous administrator was (name and email address), as well as the fact that he is no longer in that role. 
    3. Declare who are the new Myrmex account administrators (names and email addresses). To avoid this cumbersome situation to happen again, Myrmex support requires you to provide at least 2 contact details to become administrators of the Myrmex account going forward.
    4. Confirm that you are a duly authorised officer of the organisation and have proper mandate to recover the Myrmex account.
  2. You then need to stamp, sign, print the form on company letterhead paper and scan the result.
  3. Send the scanned PDF by email to

What happens next?

Myrmex support will review your request to confirm its completeness, and will then :

  1. Deactivate the former administrator's user account
  2. Create the new administrators' user accounts, and send out the corresponding invitation emails.

Your declared users can then log into the platform and use the Myrmex system as expected.